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EQE0135Okay, I'm in love. Can you blame me? These horse themed keychains are absolutely gorgeous. They're the result of form meeting equestrian fashion: a utilitarian item given a stylish twist.

Because let's face it: horse people have a LOT of keys. There's the key to the house, and the key to the truck, and the key to the tack room, and the key to the grain bin...oh, wait. I see somebody has 'accidentally' busted through that particular lock...

Here's the deal. You get the key ring itself - available in a smooth style or a nifty twisted version - and your choice of seven brass charms. There's the classic horse head, finely detailed with forward facing ears and a beautiful bridle; the equestrian essential riding boot, hunt cap, lucky horseshoe, a four leaf clover, adorable paw print, and a ribbon rosette.

One great thing about these key chains is they're easy to use. The screw off ball makes it super simple to add or take keys off your keyring - no more busting your fingernails trying to force keys onto a stubborn split ring! This easy to use design makes this horse key chain an ideal gift for anyone who may have difficulty with their hands due to arthritis or joint pain.

Here's another awesome thing: key chains are a great gift to say "Thanks!" or "I appreciate you" without getting into the sometimes weird emotional territory that comes with giving someone jewelry. If you're looking for a gift for a coach, riding instructor, or the farrier who always comes through when you need help fast, these equestrian key chains are ideal.

These equestrian key chains are made of brass, which means they're substantial. In other words, Chevy Cobalt drivers, these key chains are NOT for you. Everyone else will be able to enjoy the weighty security and size that makes it super simple to find your keys in purse or pocket. Sure to be one of our best sellers! Order yours today - and don't forget, there's only 219 days until Christmas. Wouldn't it be nice to get some of your shopping done early this year?

Emerald Horse Jewelry

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Snowed In? Horse Jewelry Shopping Is Better Than Shoveling

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