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“My sister’s 60th birthday is coming up, and I’d really like to buy her a nice piece of jewelry. She really loves horses - which I know nothing about - and it seems like you’re the people who can help me out. So tell me how do you buy great horse jewelry when you don’t know anything about jewelry or horses?”

Horses: The Essential Style Design

You can absolutely find great horse jewelry without being an expert on all things horse. There are certain design motifs - the horse head, the running horse, the horseshoe, the stirrup, the rider’s cap, and so on - that clearly identify a piece of jewelry of being at least potentially of interest to horse lovers.

The more you know about someone’s life with horses, the more closely you can tailor your horse jewelry gift selections for them. For example, if you know someone has a Dutch Warmblood mare, the right horse breed pendant clearly becomes the perfect gift.

Now About the Jewelry Part

Buying jewelry can actually be a lot of fun. Keep things simple for yourself by setting a budget ahead of time, and then browse collections of horse jewelry that are realistically priced. Estate and vintage horse jewelry is simply horse jewelry produced in earlier times, previously owned but still attractive and valuable. Because horses have been part of the human experience for centuries, there’s centuries worth of horse jewelry out there to fall in love with.

Contemporary horse jewelry is the work that’s being produced right now by today’s designers and studios. These can be one of a kind pieces, limited runs, or mass production. All have the potential to serve as a delightful gift.

Buy only from reputable jewelers who are willing to stand behind what they sell.

Breed Symbol Jewelry: If You Know, You Know

Now you might be able to tell a Holsteiner from a Hanoverian from across an arena, but not everyone can do that. Breed Logos - sometimes called Breed Symbols or Breed Badges - are popular ornaments for the show barn and horse trailer.But as we all know, we’re all about the horse jewelry here. So [...]

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Choosing Bracelets: Bangles and Cuffs

We’ve just updated the Sale section of the website. There are some amazing bracelets in there at this time - some of which are discounted more than $1,000! - so we thought this would be a good time to share tips on choosing bracelets.Fine Horse Jewelry: Bangle BraceletsBangle bracelets are simply rigid form bracelets. In other words, they hold [...]

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Wedding Apparel: Jewelry for the Mothers

To see your child happily married is a wonderful life event. Whether you’re the mother of a bride or the mother of a groom, you want to look your very best on this special day. So much care goes into picking the perfect outfit, as well as the accessories you’re going to wear with it. [...]

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Met Gala Thoughts: The Statements We Make When We Wear Designer Jewelry

The first and most obvious problem with the Met Gala - the celebrity-studded fashion event that makes headlines each and every year - is that there are not nearly enough horses involved. You can watch the red carpet for hours, and not see a single one!So there’s that. But this year’s Met Gala had a [...]

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Choosing the Right Jewelry to Wear to Charity or Gala Events

As much as we’d all like to spend our time in the saddle - or at least in the barn - there are times when it’s important to make an appearance at a charity or gala event. Whether you’re there because you’re passionate about the cause, you want to support your friends, or just because [...]

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Contest Alert: You Can Win A Sterling Silver Prancing Horse Pendant!

Are you feeling lucky? Today might just be your lucky day! We’re having a contest & the top prize is our Sterling Silver Prancing Horse Pendant.  About the Sterling Silver Prancing Horse Pendant One of our most popular designs, the Sterling Silver Prancing Horse pendant captures the wild and elegant energy of a horse at play. The bowed [...]

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A Jewelry Lover’s Guide to Shopping While On Vacation

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had more than enough of winter. Just like the Melissa McCarthy commercial - I want to go anywhere! Whether you’re traveling the show circuit or you’re escaping the barn for a little luxurious R&R, it’s always fun to hit the shops and see what beautiful pieces of equestrian [...]

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Vintage and Estate Jewelry: Tips for New Collectors

One of the very cool things about collecting vintage and estate jewelry is you can potentially discover a great piece virtually anywhere. Because I’ve been operating Showstable Artisans for so long, people come to me now when they have a great piece of horse-themed jewelry they’d like to sell. But I’ve also found great pieces in [...]

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Caring For Fine Jewelry - Pearls, Opals, & Colored Gemstones

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but many other precious and semi-precious stones are also featured in fine equestrian jewelry. Here’s how to care for pearl jewelry, opal jewelry, and jewelry containing colored gemstones.Care Tip #1: Check the Condition Frequently.It’s a good best practice to take a moment and look at your jewelry carefully [...]

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