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FXC0007A cunning fox can not outsmart a skilled hunter, or so the saying goes. We think that it should read a piece of gorgeous fox hunting jewelry can't escape the avid collector - especially if we have something to say about it.

This fox ring is just gorgeous. It's so sculptural. The fox's head is worked in amazing detail - check out the point of his snout and those attentive ears! The eyes are rubies, and the ring itself 14 K gold. The tail is equally well presented - it looks so bushy and soft, just like a real fox's tail.

This is a ring you're going to enjoy wearing: it's eye-catching, unique and stylish. We have these rings handmade right here in the USA. You can choose to have yours made with the yellow gold, shown, or with white gold.

There are also matching earrings, and we have to tell you, as a suite, they're just amazing. The classic style means this is fox jewelry that will stand the test of time: it will have a place of honor in your personal collection for years and future generations will adore it as well.  Makes a fantastic gift.

PBC0107G compAs the holidays are drawing near, it's a good time to remember that new bead charms are always welcomed by the owners of bead charm bracelets. We've got a particularly awesome Pandora Style 14K Gold Fox Bead Charm that makes an exceptional gift.

With sparkling blue sapphire eyes, pert ears, and all that fox sassiness, this bead charm will be thrilling to any fox hunting fan. It's also made here in the USA and works very well with our other equestrian themed bead charms. The design is so cunning - just like a fox! - that it's very comfortable to wear even with the prominent ears. Order early - we're expecting demand for this charm to be quite high!

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