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One of the very cool things about collecting vintage and estate jewelry is you can potentially discover a great piece virtually anywhere. Because I’ve been operating Showstable Artisans for so long, people come to me now when they have a great piece of horse-themed jewelry they’d like to sell. But I’ve also found great pieces in unusual settings, including estate sales, at horse shows, and more.

I’d like to share some vintage and estate jewelry buying tips with you as you get started on your collecting journey. These tips are to help you get the maximum amount of enjoyment from your collection.

Tip #1: Fall in Love with Your Heart, But Buy With Your Mind

Jewelry can be very beautiful, but you want to make sure of the authenticity and value of the piece in question before you commit to a purchase. Not every clear sparkling stone is a diamond, and you want to avoid paying diamond prices for glass whenever you can.

Use your smart phone to research potential pieces before you purchase. Look for comparable items online to gain a general idea of pricing. It’s nice to be tactful and discreet while you’re doing this, but don’t be afraid of accessing information to make an informed purchase.

Tip #2: Condition is Very Important, But It’s Good to Know A Skilled Bench Jeweler

Sometimes estate jewelry has had a tumultuous history of its own. When clasps are broken, watch links are missing, necklace chains snarled and similar condition issues arise, many collectors will pass those pieces by. However, sometimes good value can be realized by purchasing pieces in less than ideal condition. If you have a good working relationship with a skilled bench jeweler who can fix these items for you, it’s a good way to build your collection in a cost effective manner.

Caring For Fine Jewelry - Pearls, Opals, & Colored Gemstones

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but many other precious and semi-precious stones are also featured in fine equestrian jewelry. Here’s how to care for pearl jewelry, opal jewelry, and jewelry containing colored gemstones.Care Tip #1: Check the Condition Frequently.It’s a good best practice to take a moment and look at your jewelry carefully [...]

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Holiday Gift Guide: How To Surprise Your Favorite Person with Amazing Jewelry

So, the holidays are almost here and this is the year you’ve decided you’re going to WOW your favorite person. Obviously horses are a big part of their life - maybe the two of you even met on the show circuit (this does happen, or so I’ve been told!) Celebrate their enthusiasm for all [...]

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The Leather & Pearls Collection: Affordable Indulgences & Great Stablemate Gifts

The holidays are coming fast. If you’d like to get a jump start on your gift shopping, this quick tour of our new Leather & Pearls Collection is for you. Here is where you’ll find horse jewelry that’s high quality, well made, and affordable. We curated this collection with stablemates, riding teachers, coaches, and show [...]

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Should You Shower With Your Jewelry On?

Life with horses can involve a lot of travel. I was recently chatting with a friend who told me that after losing one of her favorite rings by forgetting it in a hotel bathroom somewhere she now showers with her jewelry on. What she wanted to know is, is this practice safe? Is it okay to shower with your [...]

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Finding Diamonds In Manure: A Guide to Not Losing Your Jewelry at the Horse Show

OK, I’ve heard of these magic horses who never poop in the trailer. I just don’t happen to have one. Without a doubt, I know that after getting Winnie unloaded and settled down at the showgrounds, I’m going to have a mess to clean.So picture the scene: I’m washing up after the job is done, [...]

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The Power of Pave - Diamond Horse Jewelry That’s Super On Trend Right Now

While jewelry trends come and go, one look that has definite staying power is pave diamonds. Pave jewelry is created using multiple very small diamonds for a dazzling effect. These diamonds are carefully selected to be of very high quality, and are cut to maximize the play of light through them. The result: sparkling style in meaningful shapes.Pave is [...]

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Romantic Gold Horse Jewelry

One of the best things about horses is that when they love you, they let you know it. There's no sight that quite matches the way your horse's ears swivel forward when they hear your voice or the happy prance around the corral that comes when they know it's time for a ride.  Horses are [...]

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