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Great Horse Jewelry for Valentine's Day

https://www.equestrianjewelry.com/sterling-silver... https://www.equestrianjewelry.com/sterling-silver... https://www.equestrianjewelry.com/sterling-silver...

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Personalized Horse Jewelry: The Holiday's Must-Have Gift

If you're searching for the amazing horse jewelry gift that will take her breath away, you're in luck. Personalized jewelry is a fashion classic with timeless appeal. When it's well-made, using only the highest quality gold or silver, by a talented jewelry artisan, personalized jewelry often becomes a person's favorite piece of jewelry - something [...]

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Horse Hoof Pendant and Chain

I love this piece. It is heavy and substantial. A great value. I had it engraved on the back and they did a fantastic job!

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Horseshoe Jewelry for Men

Okay, we spend a lot of time on this blog talking about fine horse jewelry for ladies. But it's important to be fair. Plenty of guys out there love wearing good looking, high quality horse jewelry. What's available for them?One of our best selling pieces for men is this 14K Gold Lucky Horseshoe on Sterling [...]

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You'll Love This Amazing Riding Boot Pendant

The riding boot is an iconic symbol of the horse-centered life. There's a saying, "A man is known by his boots." (Undoubtedly also true for women!) With a single glance at your footwear, people can tell you spend your fair share of time in the saddle.Our amazingly talented master jewelry craftsman have created this exclusive [...]

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