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The Powerful History of the Cuff Bracelet

This story appears in the Summer 2021 issue of Town & Country In the Marvel superhero flick Black Panther, the kingdom of Wakanda’s fiercest warriors are all women. The group, known as the Dora Milaje, are characterized by their red and gold outfits, for which veteran costume designer Ruth E. Carter took inspiration from the Turkana [...]

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Horse Jewelry For the New Graduate

Is your favorite horse lover about to graduate from high school or college? This is a big accomplishment! Recognize and reward their hard work with a gift of fine horse jewelry. Ideal for your kid, grandkid, or that special niece or nephew, fine horse jewelry says "I'm proud of you!" while recognizing your graduate's unique [...]

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Horse Jewelry Gifts

If your Mom loves horses, and she loves fine jewelry, what better solution could there be than fine horse jewelry for Mother's Day?

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National Regifting Day

December 19 is known as National Regifting Day. It's always celebrated on the Thursday before Christmas., but not here at Show Stable Artisans. We make giving easy, you make it memorable!

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