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Every Horsewoman’s Dream: Dazzle Her With Diamonds and Equestrian Jewelry

It's t-minus ten days and you need the perfect holiday gift for the horsewoman in your life?  Looking for a gift that will dazzle her?You can't go wrong with equestrian jewelry.  Anybody can buy some random shiny things at the mall -- but by seeking out quality, one of a kind, unique jewelry that celebrates [...]

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Of Course I Love It!

Teaching Your Significant Other How To Pick Out The Jewelry You Really Want!The purple fuzzy sweater three sizes too large. The rhinestone encrusted barbecue tongs. The lamp that was so ugly even its mother couldn’t love it.Yes, we’ve all received gifts that are less than perfect. Sometimes it’s possible to do what [...]

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Gorgeous Diamond Horseshoe Jewelry

When people ask us what our best-selling, most popular piece of fine horse jewelry is, the conversation always includes this gorgeous diamond horseshoe necklace.The reason why is self-evident. Look how gorgeous this necklace is! 14K gold set with 18 sparkling diamonds - .28 cwt total, for brilliant impact. It's a nice medium size pendant, at [...]

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