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Buying Horse Jewelry For Your Granddaughter: The Tween Years


Once upon a time – or so I’ve been told – ten and eleven year olds were closer to childhood than sophistication. I certainly don’t remember being quite that grown up when I was ten! My grand-daughter is going to be ten, and I want to get her a nice piece of jewelry for her birthday gift. She really loves horses. What do you recommend?

We get e-mails like this all of the time. Ten, eleven, and twelve year old girls – “tweens” who occupy the awkward years between childhood and adolescence – can be tough to shop for. At times, these girls are like little kids; at other times, they’re very, very grown up.

Engravable barn bangle bracelets are very popular with tweens. Crafted of fine sterling silver, these bracelets can be engraved with your granddaughter’s name, the name of her horse, or anything that will make her smile. The simple style works in the show ring and the classroom alike. They’re priced perfectly for a birthday gift.

You’re never too young to appreciate vintage horse jewelry. One awesome trend we’ve seen teens adopting is the use of bridle rosettes as jewelry. Tweens have been pinning these reverse painted crystals featuring horses to their duffle bags and jackets. The finely painted images feature horses in beautiful detail. They’re great for the tween who is just starting to build their horse jewelry collection.

Horseshoe jewelry is also a sure winner with the tween set. This simple gold horseshoe necklace is appropriate for all ages, and so beautifully made that she’ll want to wear it every day. Think about getting one for yourself at the same time – younger tweens especially love the idea of ‘matching’. If they can wear the same fine horse jewelry as you, that’s pretty awesome.

And of course, tweens love to shop as much as the rest of us. If you just don’t know what to pick, a gift certificate allows your granddaughter to select her own favorite piece of horse jewelry from our collection!