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Cameo Horse Jewelry: Reward Yourself For Making It Through Winter


HRSC0256This winter has been ridiculous, hasn't it? You know we've had too much cold and snow when you hear people around the barns wishing for mud season!

But here's something to smile about: cameo horse jewelry. So many of you are cameo horse jewelry lovers, we thought we'd shine the spotlight on some of the best cameo pieces in our collection.

The Sterling Silver Round Horse Cameo pendant features a finely detailed horse worked in white against a background that varies from an intensely deep blue to paler shades near the sterling silver bezel. Personally, I love the entire look of this piece - it reminds me of when you walk out to the corral and see your horse in perfect silhouette against the sky.

HRSC0260We call this next cameo horse pendant the 14K Gold Fantasy Horse Cameo because, well, look at it: this horse has the extravagantly swirling mane, amazingly beautiful features and noble spirit of a dream horse. All those daydreams we had about riding off to have grand adventures featured a horse like this! Be careful when you wear this cameo horse pendant: you may feel like you can do anything! Dreams may be chased.

DOG0015G Did you know we also carry some gorgeous pieces of fine dog cameo jewelry? We just couldn't help ourselves. There's a very strong overlap between horse lovers and dog lovers - our canine companions are as much a part of our life as our horses! This 14K Gold Jack Russell Cameo is almost like a photograph, with the fine detailing. You can almost see the expression in the little guy's eyes!

We've had some people ask us how to care for cameo jewelry. Cameos are generally carved from shell or other natural materials, which means they'll need gentle care. If your cameo is looking a little dusty, use a soft, dry cloth to wipe it off. Stay away from commercial chemical cleansers, as these are often not formulated for organic materials!