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Emerald Horse Jewelry


HRSC019P revised compEvery month, we get inquiries from people who are looking for great birthstone horse jewelry. Here we are in May, and you know what that means - emerald horse jewelry!

Emeralds are the birthstone for May. You don't have to be born in May to appreciate this beautiful stone. Emeralds come in many shades of green, from a very pale hue to the rich and vibrant green many people automatically associate with Emeralds.

People have loved emeralds for ages, and there are many myths and legends associated with this stone. Emeralds are mentioned frequently in the Bible - they're one of the precious stones called out explicitly as being present in the Garden of Eden! For a long time, people believed that wearing emeralds would allow one to see the future.This would obviously be a very cool thing (especially at the race track!)

There are also many health beliefs associated with emeralds. Did you know that people once thought that wearing emeralds would prevent epilepsy? That didn't exactly work out, but what we do know to be true is that wearing emerald horse jewelry lifts the spirits and attracts compliments.

This Gold Horse Head Ring looks exceptionally beautiful set with an emerald. Available in white or yellow gold, this ring features two very detailed horseheads curving up to support the gemstone of your choosing (in the picture, you'll see it set with Peridot, which is the birthstone for August) .50cwt of pave set diamonds support the stone, adding the perfect amount of sparkle and shine to this gold horse ring.  Made in the USA, this is a beautiful piece of fine horse jewelry you'll treasure always!

We've had customers choose this ring as a birthstone horse ring, an anniversary ring, a great birthday gift, or, when set with a diamond, as an engagement ring.