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Finding Diamonds In Manure: A Guide to Not Losing Your Jewelry at the Horse Show


OK, I’ve heard of these magic horses who never poop in the trailer. I just don’t happen to have one. Without a doubt, I know that after getting Winnie unloaded and settled down at the showgrounds, I’m going to have a mess to clean.

So picture the scene: I’m washing up after the job is done, soaping my hands, and abruptly, it hits me. I don’t have my ring. My ring is gone. My lucky diamond horseshoe ring that I always wear to shows, because I’m a weirdo like that.

Cue the panic. I have worn this ring pretty constantly for 12 years and never once has it come off unexpectedly on me. But of course it did when I was mucking out a trailer. The most logical place to look was also the worst place - right in the wagon load of crap I’d thankfully not carted off and dumped yet.

Well, I got some strange looks that day - but some of my stablemates and show buddies, the best people on earth - actually pitched in to help me look and after what felt like forever, the ring was found.

I was really lucky - the ring didn’t get damaged at all. But this incident did make me mindful of how easy it is to lose your jewelry at the horse show. Obviously, be mindful of what you’re wearing when you’re mucking out stalls or doing other chores. Just a few seconds to slip your jewelry safely into your pocket can save a lot of heartache later.

Another good practice: if you’re wearing jewelry in the ring - lucky diamond studs, perhaps, or a horsehead pendant - make sure you’re still wearing it immediately after your ride. I am not saying finding a diamond stud in the arena is any kind of a picnic, but your odds of finding it are better if you know it was during your ride that the jewelry was lost.

If you’re trying to save your jewelry by keeping it in your bag or vehicle during the horse show, make sure your bag or vehicle is secure. We all like to think the best of horse show people, but there’s bad apples in every crowd. Don’t provide them with easy opportunities to steal your jewelry. Lock your doors for peace of mind.

Jewelry is meant to be worn and enjoyed. I am not a big fan of keeping my jewelry locked up in the jewelry box. But it is a fact of life that being around horses and horse shows can provide opportunities for jewelry to be lost. A little mindfulness and extra care will help you hold onto your favorite shiny things!