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The horseshoe motif is a fashion classic for the horse lover. Horse shoes are said to be good luck - and who doesn't need more good luck in their life? - as well as neatly communicating your passion for all things equine.

Whether you're headed to the casino, need the perfect jewelry for watching the Kentucky Derby, or simply want to add a little luck to your look, you can't go wrong with horseshoe jewelry.

You'll Love This Amazing Riding Boot Pendant

The riding boot is an iconic symbol of the horse-centered life. There's a saying, "A man is known by his boots." (Undoubtedly also true for women!) With a single glance at your footwear, people can tell you spend your fair share of time in the saddle.Our amazingly talented master jewelry craftsman have created this exclusive [...]

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Hoofprints on Your Heart: Personalized Horse Jewelry

A horse jewelry collection can be a fun jewelry collection: kick off your back to school accessory shopping with adding some adorable pieces that showcase your sunny spirit while embracing your love of horses.  Let's face it: at the best parts of having horses in your life is the fun you have with them: the [...]

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