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Horseshoe Jewelry

The horseshoe motif is a fashion classic for the horse lover. Horse shoes are said to be good luck - and who doesn't need more good luck in their life? - as well as neatly communicating your passion for all things equine.Whether you're headed to the casino, need the perfect jewelry for watching the Kentucky [...]

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Personalized Horse Jewelry: The Holiday's Must-Have Gift

If you're searching for the amazing horse jewelry gift that will take her breath away, you're in luck. Personalized jewelry is a fashion classic with timeless appeal. When it's well-made, using only the highest quality gold or silver, by a talented jewelry artisan, personalized jewelry often becomes a person's favorite piece of jewelry - something [...]

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You'll Love This Amazing Riding Boot Pendant

The riding boot is an iconic symbol of the horse-centered life. There's a saying, "A man is known by his boots." (Undoubtedly also true for women!) With a single glance at your footwear, people can tell you spend your fair share of time in the saddle.Our amazingly talented master jewelry craftsman have created this exclusive [...]

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Gold Horse Jewelry For Christmas

Christmas is coming fast! This week, we're going to look at some great gold horse jewelry that makes a spectacular gift for your sweetheart, daughter, sister, best friend, riding coach or other special person on your list.

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When Irish Eyes are Smiling, They're Looking at Horse Jewelry

With St. Patrick's Day right around the corner, there are two things we could be doing at this point. The first is gathering up all the traditional fixings of a fine Irish feast - you can never have too much corned beef and cabbage, as far as I'm concerned! - or we could take some [...]

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Our Most Popular Leather Bracelets

This week, we're going to put the spotlight on one of the most popular items we sell: the woven leather bracelet featuring a gorgeous sterling plate engraved with the name of your favorite horse, person, or stable.  Available in 3 colors: (Teddy Bear is Red, Hershey is Black, and Oliver is Brown) these bracelets make [...]

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Hoofprints on Your Heart: Personalized Horse Jewelry

A horse jewelry collection can be a fun jewelry collection: kick off your back to school accessory shopping with adding some adorable pieces that showcase your sunny spirit while embracing your love of horses.  Let's face it: at the best parts of having horses in your life is the fun you have with them: the [...]

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