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The Horsewoman's Perfect Ring


Finding a great ring as an active horsewoman is difficult: you want the glamour and style -- but you know that life with horses is less than kind to more fragile pieces. Rings are especially vulnerable: combine a high-mounted ring with life in the saddle, and you're asking for disaster.

Here's the solution you've been searching for: the ultimate rider's ring:

The 14K White Gold Horseshoe Nail Ring combines substance and style. All of the stones are bezel set, which means you can wear your diamonds without any fear of them snagging or being lost. The bezel setting is the most secure setting you can find, keeping the stones safely nested within the gold.

This is a bold ring, a distinctive ring, a ring that speaks volumes about your commitment to style and quality -- and to your active lifestyle. This is the ring of a woman who values herself enough to embrace the life she enjoys -- and who knows how to look great doing it!

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