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Tips on Proposing to a Horsewoman


If you're considering proposing to a horsewoman, you already know that some things about your sweetheart are just a little different. With that in mind:

DO: Consider a romantic ride to a lovely spot as a prelude to popping the question. You want the event to be memorable, and after this, when she goes riding, it can evoke a very happy memory for her.

DON'T: Propose directly in front of the horses' face. Some horses are very jealous, and sometimes pick the most inopportune times to sneeze. Also, diamond rings can look suspiciously like sugar cubes...

Do: Pick an engagement ring that reflects her love for horses as well as your passion for her. This highly personal approach shows you truly understand her - isn't that what love and passion's supposed to be all about? We like this 14K White Gold Horseshoe Nail Engagement Ring: it's simple, modern, and very popular among aspiring brides-to-be of our acquaintance.

DON'T: Get her name tattooed on you in advance of the proposal as a way to prove your love. That's just creepy - and what are you going to do if she says NO?

DO: The horseshoe motif (in fine horse jewelry, flowers, or even actually horseshoes) combined with "Make me the luckiest person on Earth --- say yes!" may seem corny at first, but if it's well-done? Has been known to melt a few horsewomen's hearts.

DON'T: Stress over making everything absolutely perfect, like a movie. Life isn't a movie - and any horsewoman can tell you that. It's the rough and tumble imperfections that make us real, whether we have four legs or two. Be yourself and let your feelings be known. It's that simple - good luck!

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